Friday Night Catch Up

Remember that time I didn’t blog for like an entire pregnancy’s worth of time? The last time I posted was way back in February and I was most definitely not prego. It was a weird time in my life and I really didn’t feel like sharing it with the world. With that being said I’m going to quickly bring you up to speed.

At the end of April Shawn proposed and of course I said yes!


A few days later we celebrated our engagement by taking a weekend trip to Boston to see our favorite baseball team play.


On our way home we ventured to Mystic Pizza (located in Mystic, CT) to indulge in some made-famous-by-a-movie pizza noms.


The town of Mystic is right out of a story book with the charming storefronts, old houses, and the quaint harbor that sits on the Mystic River.


In July I left my job at Diving Horse to take on a full time job as the House Mom at another gentleman’s club in the area. The formal title is Entertainment Manager but House Mom Darcy is just fine with me.

In September I went on my annual Walt Disney World vacation with my mom. And of course we had a blast.


I bought this tiara in Germany to wear for my own Princess For A Day-Day, haha.

In October I turned 28 and with the help of my Rolldawg the girls at work treated me to an awesome birthday celebration/surprise.


Now that Christmas is around the corner I’m busy making holiday cards, gifts, and so on and so forth. The tree went up on Sunday afternoon, stockings went up yesterday, and that’s the end of decorating this year.

What’s going on with you?

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Darcy Lefroy


Sunday Funday

Every Sunday for the last three weeks I’ve been spending Sunday Funday with my friends Mark, Lauren, and her boyfriend Eric. Like myself and Lauren, the boys have been longtime friends. This is our evening went.


Mark was in desperate need of a haircut so Lauren shaped him quite nicely.


The 54th annual Grammy awards were on tonight so we watched with relative interest. I took notice that this year was much more focused on the performances than the actual awards themselves, which took on a nearly silent undertone to the show. Dave Grohl was in like, five different performances? Maroon 5 teamed up with Foster the People (and The Beach Boys) for a very cool tribute to the late great Beach Boys. Oh yeah, did I mention LL Cool J (of all people) hosted this year?! He was rarely seen though. Deadmau5 was really the only reason I watched anyway, but I digress.


We rounded out the evening watching 50/50 with my beloved Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the always funny Seth Rogan, and last but not least Anna Kendrick. The movie was very good overall but it was definitely more emotional than funny. Its about a guy and his journey battling a rare cancer. The best line in the movie comes from JGL, “you can get the fuck off my porch.”

How did you spend your Sunday Funday?

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Miss Darcy Lefroy

Darcy’s Perfect PB&J

It’s never once dawned on me to document the particular way I do things until now. As I thought about what my late night snack would consist of I began picturing myself making one of my all-time favorites: a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This, however, is not your standard protocol pb&j.

Step One: The Ingredients


1. Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse Oatmeal Bread
2. Peter Pan Whipped Peanut Butter
3. Welches Grape Jelly Jam
4. Spoon, spreading knife, and cutting knife

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Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012


I’ve written, rewritten, and rewritten again a recap for 2011 but everytime I write it I end up stopping and never going back to finish it. It’s taken me a couple tries to figure it out but I realized why that is: I simply do not wish to relive any of those moments. I suppose you could say that’s the exact attitude necessary for starting a new year off the right way. With that in mind, suffice it to say that the only good memory I have of 2011 is getting my teeth redone and having the pleasure of being able to eat whatever I want without reservation, and having the smile of my dreams certainly isn’t so bad either. But I’m not here to talk about 2011or my perfectly crafted smile, or anything in between. Instead, I’m going to talk about commitment.

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A Curse, A Gift, and A Blessing in Disguise


There’s no argument that I’ve been blessed in many ways in my life; brains, beauty, good health, artistic, funny, personable, blah blah blah. An old professor of mine had put this to words during a conversation we had recently, saying, “it’s like having a scholarship throughout your entire life.” Maybe that sounds a bit pretentious but I assure you this is not a place for it. Being blessed with good genes, however, is not what I’m here to talk about.

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Beaches and Bikinis

I’ve had a lot going on this summer, and by a lot I mean I’ve spent the last 7 weeks in the dentist chair getting my entire mouth (specifically teeth) redone, so there hasn’t been much time to go to the beach or anywhere else for that matter. Fortunately the bulk of the dental work is behind me and I’m less than a week away from my dream smile (the top half anyway). Once the work is complete I’ll give some sort of detailed explanation as to what’s been going on but for now I figured I’d share a photo of myself at the beach for the first time all summer.

Everyone who’s seen is says it reminds them of a 1950’s tanning lotion advertisement and one Twitter friend suggested I put some kind of wording on it to jazz it up a bit, though I’m unsure exactly what to put, so I’m open to suggestions!

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Miss Darcy Lefroy

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The Hunger Games

HOOKED is an understatement.

Its like Twilight and HP all over again!!

I think in some way I desperately needed this. Certain stories have a way of taking over my entire being, they penetrate to the very core of me, causing me to think and feel things I don’t usually or have never experienced before. I think part of what I’m feeling from this particular story is that of true inspiration.

Actually, I believe I’ve felt this with each of my favorite stories, which is why I latch on them so tightly, obsessively. There’s definitely a running theme, if not many, within these stories that cause this type of inspiration or perhaps a parallel realm in which I can escape to, where I feel invinciable, empowered, and flat out one with my true self. The person who loves so deeply, feels so intensely, and so desperately wants to be living a story just like the ones I’ve come to love. But wait!– I am living a story-like life, my  story.

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